HANHART Morkovice                   PORKERT®

Hanhart Morkovice is a company focusing on the development, production and sale of ignition systems, wound components and, last but not least, chip machining and cold forming – pressing. The mission of our company, which has been active in the market for more than 50 years, is to provide our customers high-quality products for competitive prices together with a wide range of customer services.

Does your supplier have such a testimonial?

price 100%
quality 100%
procurement times
timeliness of deliveries
service 100%
technical support

If so, congratulations!
If not, give us a chance to convince you that things can be done better.

Here are some who already have:

We do not sell, we create partnerships!

Just contact us! We will be glad to meet you.
We will prepare our own method of solution for your product, price quotation and will present a proposal for our future cooperation, all that for free.

We export to

Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Finland, Turkey, Syria, Columbia and others.