HANHART Morkovice




The metrological center provides support for all production processes and contributes to the introduction of production and sampling.

For this purpose, aside from the standard equipment (slide callipers, micrometres, altimeters etc.); we have the following equipments:

Wenzl LH 65 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

  • Suitable for measuring spatially-complicated technical parts – it provides rapid measurement of all dimensions available to the measuring probes. The measurement occurs on the basis of the predetermined program. The results can be printed.
  • Primarily used to determine the stability of the production process, the equipment stability, etc.

Mahr MM220 Measuring Microscope

  • Used to measure dimensions that are difficult to measure with conventional gauges – for chamfering, small diameters, fine recesses, plastic parts, etc.

Swift PRO Contactless Measuring System

  • Used for rapid optical measurement based on the enlarged profile part display
  • Suitable for measuring diameters, lengths, bevels, angles, etc.

MarSurf PS10 Roughness Meter

  • Portable roughness meter for rapid roughness evaluation in the metrological center, during operation or on a workpiece clamped to the machine

Mahr Digital Altimeter

  • Suitable for measuring lengths, internal and external diameters using touch

Promi Classic Dinamometer

  • Used for measuring tensile and pressure